Family Holidays

Family Holidays

Morocco offers the perfect combination of exotic intrigue and convenient options for a wonderful family vacation. Travel here is surprisingly easy, and the bustling souqs, historic Kasbahs, rough mountains, and boundless desert dunes provide lots of opportunities for adventure or plenty of hands-on activities for kids of all ages.  You’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time in several places. Because Moroccans adore children, I would argue that taking your kids on vacation will greatly enhance your experience. You and your kids will be welcomed into this family-friendly culture, giving you access to more thrilling and enlightening activities than if you were to leave the kids at home. Let’s find out what this wonderful journey with Morocco Travel Organizer can do, for you and your family!

10-Day Morocco Family Itinerary

Day 1: Fes to Casablanca via Hassan II Mosque

Welcome to Casablanca, Morocco, a city based in Marseille that is renowned for its art deco architecture and, of course, the Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Berman classic. A welcoming gathering marks the official start of your family’s adventure. The Hassan II Mosque is a must-see, but you can also explore the historic Medina, watch residents play soccer on the sand, or enjoy a cup of delicious mint tea at one of the many cafes.

Later, we are heading to Fes! Fes is regarded as Morocco’s spiritual center and the location of one of the Arab world’s oldest Medinas. It was built at the intersection of two caravan routes from the Atlantic in the west and the Mediterranean in the north, and it remains a creative and cultural city with a wealth of music, delectable cuisine, and old architecture. Founded in the ninth century, Fez reached its zenith during the 13th and 14th centuries, when the Merinids made it the new capital of the kingdom, replacing Marrakesh. The main structures in the Medina, including the madrasas, fondouks, palaces, homes, mosques, and fountains, date from this period. Fez continues to serve as the nation’s cultural and spiritual hub despite Rabat being the country’s new governmental capital in 1912. If the city’s historic architecture, which includes the oldest university in the world, doesn’t move you, perhaps the local craftspeople who still use time-honored methods like carving, copper-bashing, weaving, and leather dying will. In this magnificent city, food is also revered and is a steady source of employment for the locals. Fragrant souks provide the freshest vegetables for both residents and travelers. In Fes, the Medina itself will charm you; you won’t need a snake charmer to achieve so. Fez continues to be the spiritual and cultural hub of Morocco, hosting events like the yearly Sufi festival and the World Sacred Music Festival.

Day 2: Half-Day Medina Tour | Drumming Workshop

Today, we will explore a bit of Fez. The ruins at this World Heritage site are quite spectacular; it was once a remote outpost of the Roman Empire and a provincial capital. Join our local guide for a tour of the ruins, where you can see the structures and the amazing mosaics along the Decumanus Maximus. Navigate through the Medina it is bustling, boisterous, interesting, and a feast for the senses with a sizable, beautifully kept Old Town. We’ll investigate either a pottery workshop or drumming in the afternoon.

Fez is renowned for the top-notch quality of its pottery and zellij (tiles), which are created by highly educated and skilled craftspeople. By dipping your hands into the malleable clay and walking the pottery wheel, you can take part in the handmade creation process. A little tagline, a mug, bowl, ashtray, or vase are just a few examples of the kind of works of art you could make with the help of the artist. A painting workshop where you may discover how Moroccan pottery is painted is available for those who want to indulge even more. You will learn Islamic and Moorish painting styles while being assisted by experienced artists during this procedure.

Attend a private, accompanied Handmade Tam Tam Workshop in one of the historic Fondouks of the Fez Medina to fully immerse yourself in the Moroccan musical traditions. You will start this practical exercise by painting your drum with the assistance of a neighborhood craftsperson. You will be advised to utilize a Berber design, but you are free to use your creativity to make a one-of-a-kind item. Goat leather is used to finish up the Tam Tam drum. You’ll discover how to assemble the drum. When everything is finished, you are prepared to start playing your own Tam Tam and bring the melodies of Morocco back to your home country.

Day 3: Bread Baking |Souk Treasure Hunt| Family holidays

Get along with the locals. You must not miss this unique experience at a family home in the center of Medina. Discover the process of making authentic Moroccan bread from scratch. Learn the procedures for making and baking bread. Visit a public bakery to observe the stacking and baking of bread. Even how to mark your bread tray is available for learning. When your bread is prepared and brought to you from the communal oven, you can now consume it with honey and cheese. The various cheeses and honey that you will sample with the Moroccan bread you created will be thoroughly explained by your English-speaking facilitator.

The afternoon souk treasure hunt aims to divide the family into two teams, with a leader giving them directions on what to look for, a budget, a time limit for when they must return, and a local phone. After the activity, a prize is given to the team that has collected every item.

Day 4: Sahara Desert | Monkey Watching | Camel Riding

We will depart from Fez after breakfast and go via Ifrane before arriving in the cedar forests of Azrou, where there are wild monkeys. It will be a wonderful chance to admire these gorgeous animals and capture pictures of the Moroccan countryside!

Later, we will enjoy the camels! Your nomad guide for your overnight camel excursion will be introduced to you by your driver at this location. You will ride a camel into the desert. As your guide prepares your evening meal and sets up your campfire for you, you can unwind, climb the dunes, or simply enjoy the stars once you arrive at your bivouac.

Day 5: Sand Boarding & Depart to Skoura

Get up early in the morning to take in the magnificent sunrise over the dunes. Sandboarding is a popular dune activity in Merzouga. Explore the Merzouga dunes with sand boarding, an adventurous activity that is so well-known that it is nearly always included in our hiking excursions for an overnight in the desert. After this great experience, we’re going to Skoura, a stunning oasis. Massive palms envelop Skoura, also known as the “Valley of 1000 Kasbahs,” which offers spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains and lonely environs. The wonderful little houses that seem to appear out of the dry riverbed like a mirage may be found in Skoura, a Palm’s grove.

Day 6: Skoura – Marrakech via Ait Benhaddou

Depart this morning for Kasbah Taourirt and Atlas Studio Cinema in Ouarzazate to the famous mud-brick settlement of Ait Benhaddou Kasbah in Morocco. Due to its historical marriage-related significance, this well-known residence of the Glaoui family has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Ait Benhaddou, set on a mountaintop and almost unchanged since the 11th century, is one of Morocco’s most well-known attractions. If you think you recognize the place, it’s probable because it has been in Lawrence of Arabia, Game of Thrones, and Gladiator. As you climb the hill to the summit, take in the views of the surrounding plains while strolling through the ancient town’s meandering streets. From here, take winding routes across the Atlas Mountains to Marrakech, a historic and interesting city encased in modern Europe. There is no need to rush because stopping for numerous photos along the High Atlas Mountain passes will be important due to its stunning scenery. Once you have checked into your accommodation, you might want to go to Jemaa el Fna, one of the greatest public squares in the world and a unique characteristic of Marrakech. It becomes a bustle of activity as twilight falls. Along with henna artists, entertainers, and storytellers, the square is also home to a street food mart where vendors sell delectable Moroccan cuisine. At one of the rooftop restaurants with views of the square, think about ending your day with a cup of mint tea. at the Red City of Marrakech, spend the night at your riad.

Day 7: Medina Tour Inc. Majorelle Garden | Family Fun Tour

After breakfast today, meet your local guide and embark on a morning tour of the old Medina, passing by the busy souks that serve as the city’s beating heart. Your tour guide will be waiting to show you around Marrakech. While Marrakech is bustling with modern activity and growth, it is also the location of numerous structures, locations, and artifacts that are essential to Moroccan history. The Koutoubia Minaret and Gardens, the Saadien Tombs, the El Badi and El Bahia Palaces, and Dar Si Said, the location of the Museum of Moroccan Arts, are just a few of the places that can be seen. These are merely recommendations, and while he is with you, your guide may be flexible.

Marrakech, which was established approximately 1000 years ago, is a feast for the senses and has remained at the center of Moroccan life ever since. It once served as the capital of the Sultanate, but it is today without a doubt the nation’s cultural and artistic hub. The lavish gardens and Berber museum were built over forty years ago by the French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886–1962); a large portion of his collection is now housed at the Villa Oasis on the gardens’ grounds. Majorelle, an enthusiastic botanist, incorporated vegetation from all five continents into the gardens. The museum was formerly Marjorelle’s studio, a Cubist-style villa built by architect Paul Sinoir. It is painted a vivid blue.

Day 8: Hot Air Balloon | Side Car Experience

Enjoy a tranquil balloon ride while seeing Marrakech’s magnificent scenery! During this morning’s hot air balloon flight, admire the magnificent city of Marrakech from a great height. On this thrilling journey, you’ll learn about the historical locations you can see from the air and take in the stunning desert landscapes. This is a fun and exciting way to visit Marrakech. Take a sidecar ride through the streets of Marrakech, travel into the Palmeraie and pass by little villages, or rally through the Ville Nouvelle. The motorcycles are Urals, which are genuine Russian copies of the 1938 BMW R71 and can accommodate two people in the sidecar.

There are various activities you might do to pass the time after that amazing trip. There are countless things to do in Morocco. The excitement of Marrakech’s souks and its nighttime entertainment will be enjoyed by families.

Day 9: High Atlas Mountains | Zip Lining | Paragliding

From Marrakesh to the Atlas Mountains, embark on an exciting day trip to a wildlife reserve where you can zip line, trek, and more! Make this one of the region’s oldest settlements your first stop of the day so you can admire the scenery and take some pictures. Get a briefing on zip lining from your guide before you embark on the activity. Learn in-depth safety guidelines and become familiar with what to do on the ride so you can take full advantage of the experience while being safe.

After that, suit up and begin zipping across the pine forest. Experience the best birds-eye perspective of the area that you can only receive from this one place as your heart beats faster with excitement. Before returning to your accommodation, take a flexible walk around the Berber settlements to cap off your day.

Day 10: Depart

After breakfast, your driver will greet you and take you to the airport.