About Us


Core Values Travel Philosophy

Morocco Travel Organizer’s values and philosophy are around offering our clients safe, authentic, and personalized travel experiences. As a result, safety is our main priority. We take various precautions to ensure our clients’ safety throughout their journey, including partnering with trustworthy transportation companies, ensuring that all lodgings exceed safety standards, and providing clients with safety advice and information before and throughout their trip. We also monitor local events and conditions and change schedules as necessary to protect our clients’ safety.

about us,Morocco Travel Organizer
about us,Morocco Travel Organizer

About The Team

Morocco Travel Organizer is a group of female-led travel specialists who are committed to providing their clients with great travel experiences. In whatever they do, the team is dedicated to collaboration, accountability, and knowledge. They collaborate extensively with their clients to understand their wants and needs, and then design their services to fit those demands. Internally, the team is likewise collaborative, with each member bringing their unique knowledge and experience to the table to ensure that the client’s demands are satisfied as effectively as possible.

Social Contribution

We will donate 5% of our profits to organizations or societies that promote education, women’s empowerment, and sustainability. The goal of Morocco Travel Organizer is to support organizations that specialize in caring for orphans and children by giving them school supplies, clothes, and assistance with painting schools. We also build wills to make it easier for people to access water in the High Atlas Mountains. Another objective we sincerely hope to accomplish through tourism is to assist local women in establishing their businesses or other ventures, or at the least in finding the resources they need to pursue their aspirations, which may be as simple as continuing their education, etc.

about us,Morocco Travel Organizer