About Founder & Team

About Siham Lahmine

Founder of Morocco Travel Organizer

Siham Lahmine is the businesswoman behind Morocco Travel Organizer. She is a well-known name in the world of high-end and customized travel. The fact that she started Morocco Travel Organizer shows how much she loves making unique travel experiences that connect deeply with the cultural richness of Morocco.


Siham Lahmine, Moroccan Leading Cuisine Expert 

Siham Lamine is a leading Moroccan Cuisine Expert. She has an exceptional knowledge of Fassi and other local Culinary traditions. Garnered during 10 years of leading culinary adventures across Morocco and in Fes, Lahmine is a leader in the field of Morocco’s culinary heritage. By offering in-depth private, guided culinary tours throughout Morocco’s Imperial Cities and countryside, Ms. Lahmine brings an ancient country’s cultural traditions and stories to people. She takes travelers on a historic food journey across the food souks of the historic Medina. Lahmine has hosted Chef Ainsley Harriot, known for his BBC cooking game shows Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook, and Ready Steady Cook among other renowned chefs. 

siham lahmine,travel in morocco

Professional Prowess in the Travel Industry

Siham’s years of work in the tourism industry are marked by her deep understanding of Morocco’s rich cultural landscape. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Studies from Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah University in Fes, which gives her a strong academic background that helps her in her professional work.

In 2013, she took a big step forward in her career, which led her to become an expert in Morocco Travel Organization. In the end, this path led to the creation of Morocco Travel Organizer.  

Siham’s main goal with this business is to create itineraries that are more than just trips; they are life-changing experiences that meet and go beyond the expectations of travelers in Morocco who are looking for luxury and privacy. Siham is famous for her in-depth knowledge of Morocco’s food scene, which she has gained over the past years. Through its food, she has helped bring the ancient country’s culture, traditions, and stories to people. One of the unique things she does is cooking classes in private people’s homes. She was also one of the first people in the Fez region to offer the Farm to Table Cooking Class, which includes a unique experience like drinking mint tea in a cave.

siham lahmine,travel in morocco

Commitment to Luxurious and Customized Travel

Siham’s main goal at Morocco Travel Organizer is to offer travel services that are the height of luxury and customization. Because she knows so much about Morocco’s history, she can plan trips that give you a real taste of the country’s way of life, landscapes, and delicious food. Her approach goes beyond normal tourism and gives people a close look into Morocco’s heart.

Volunteering and speaking out

Siham’s commitment goes beyond her work. She does a lot of volunteer work, like leading the Volunteering Association at the American Language Center in Fes and helping out at the Ziat Underage Girls Center. This shows that she cares about empowering women/locals and building communities.

Exploration and Strength

Siham’s love of extreme sports shows in her daring spirit, which is a reflection of her lively personality. She fights for women’s independence and empowerment, especially among young Moroccan women. This shows how dedicated she is to making her community a better place. Siham wants Morocco Travel Organizer to be more than just a travel company. She wants it to be a way for people to learn about other cultures and themselves. She wants to connect foreign travelers with the real essence of Moroccan life so that every trip with Morocco Travel Organizer is an unforgettable and enriching experience. Siham Lahmine’s journey with Morocco Travel Organizer is one of unwavering love for her country’s history, dedication to excellence in the travel business, and a strong desire to show the world the beauty of Morocco. Her personalized approach to high-end travel in Morocco is meant to have a lasting effect on everyone who goes on this trip with her.

Value of Morocco Travel Organizer Team

Morocco Travel Organizer is a group of travel specialists who are committed to providing clients with great travel experiences. In whatever we do, our team is dedicated to collaboration, accountability, and knowledge. The team collaborates extensively with our clients to understand their wants and needs, and then design their services to fit those demands. Internally, the team is likewise collaborative, with each member bringing unique knowledge and experience to the table to ensure that the client’s expectations are satisfied as effectively as possible. Morocco Travel Organizer takes its obligation to its clients very seriously. We recognize that travel can be a significant financial and time investment, and we work diligently to ensure that our clients have a safe, happy, and memorable experience. We are in charge of all aspects of our clients’ trip arrangements, from transportation and lodging to activities and experiences.
siham lahmine,travel in morocco