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Morocco is a nation you must visit if you love food. You may sample exquisite traditional dishes prepared with local ingredients and spices, including local cheese, bread Ferkous, and much more, here. You can also cook alongside locals and discover the secrets to the deliciousness of Moroccan cuisine. This itinerary is for extremely foodies who would love to dive in into Morocco by tasting its delicacies. Let’s discover this incredible tour together, planned with passion by Morocco Travel Organizer.

7 Day Fes Authentic Culinary Adventure

Day 1: Arrive in Rabat and Head to Chefchaouen

Today we drive from Rabat to Chefchaouen, also known as the “blue city”, one of Morocco’s most picturesque locations. Chefchaouen, which is located in the breathtaking Rif Mountains between two peaks and a large valley, can catch you off guard. With eye-catching blue and whitewashed homes, red-tiled roofs, and intricate doors, the Medina has been painstakingly preserved. While touring Chefchaouen’s streets, you can imagine yourself in the hills of Spain because a large portion of the city was rebuilt by Andalusian refugees fleeing the Reconquista. Welcome to our rural getaway, where life moves at a leisurely pace.

Day 2: Chefchaouen Medina Local Tour

While taking a tour of Chefchaouen, experience the flavors of Moroccan food. Explore the Old Medina of the city with a knowledgeable local tours, meet the residents, discover Moroccan culture and tradition, and sample local specialties. Your journey through the Old Medina’s gorgeous streets and into Chefchaouen’s bustling ambiance serves as the starting point for your culinary exploration of Morocco.
Learn about how food is central to Moroccan culture, history, and traditions as you stroll through the busy alleyways of the Medina. Stop at a few mouthwatering sellers to sample the local cuisine. Along the trip, there are numerous foods and beverages to sample, including fresh juices, dates, olives, cheese, fruit, tea, and more.

Day 3: Fez via Volubilis Including Roman Picnic

We will depart the Blue City after breakfast and travel to Fes, an elegant city built in the eighth century. The Medina of Fes, the oldest of the Moroccan imperial cities, dates back to the 13th century. We’ll allow you some time to take in the lovely vistas of the Rif mountains and the historic Medinas. We will provide you with time to see the Archaeological Site of Volubilis, which is regarded as a popular destination in the Imperial City, along with a local tours guide.

After exploring this magnificent historical monument, sample some of the authentic Roman dishes described in Apicius’ Latin writings while relaxing on a nearby farm in the shadow of the ruins. Roman food was mostly made with locally sourced resources like olive oil, wine, soft fresh cheese, game birds, robust fruits like pears and melons, honey, and fresh herbs. New World items like potatoes and tomatoes were naturally not used. Three vegetable, fruit, and grain dishes, one meat dish, one dessert dish, as well as a variety of olives and bread, will all be served during the picnic.

Day 4: Half-Day Medina Tour | Afternoon Fes Food Tour

We begin our day in Fez, where we will learn a great deal about the city. Fes is Morocco’s spiritual and cultural center. It is an exhilarating, compelling, and overwhelming sensory feast. Enter the old city, which is probably the most fascinating and perplexing old city on earth and is also known locally as Fes el Bali. During the Middle Ages, Fes was a significant hub for Islamic and Jewish culture. Its libraries and religious institutions, as well as its mosques, are well-known. As you walk along the meandering pathways and tunnels while evading donkeys carrying huge loads of goods, explore the specialist zones that divide the souk. When you are surrounded by authentic khans, madrassas, dye pits, and stalls selling fruits, herbs, and soups, as well as the sound of copper being hammered and the sound of clucking hens, it is not difficult to imagine yourself in the Middle Ages.

Meet your Fez Food Expert in the early afternoon and continue exploring Fes’s streets. The cultural center of Morocco is the ancient Medina of Fes.
The food is rich, varied, and excellent in and of itself. Once the main course is finished, taste fresh juice, dates, cheese, olives, fresh fruit, mint tea, and other tasty treats. Enjoy a variety of stops during the 3- to 4-hour trip!

Day 5: Fes Go Local Cooking Class in Family Home

You’ll be a part of our real traditional Moroccan cooking experience today. This is a fun experience that will teach you how to cook as well as provide you a chance to meet the locals and stay with a beautiful Moroccan family, where you can get a firsthand look at Moroccan culture and daily life. Give yourself a task to engage in while experiencing some of the best cuisines on the planet. Take part in some authentic Moroccan cuisine! Your participation is highly welcome, as it will not only teach you how to prepare a basic dish from Morocco but also provide you a chance to meet people there and stay with a welcoming Moroccan family away from the tourist traps. To experience the truth of true hospitality and to spend wonderful moments in a quaint Moroccan house, you will be introduced to a real, active Moroccan family. Purchase ingredients at the neighborhood market to prepare your preferred food. For a brief period, pretend that you are a Moroccan and prepare a meal in a Moroccan family’s kitchen while enjoying the warmest hospitality and the authentic Moroccan cuisine that the Fez tradition is famous for. An unparalleled cultural interaction.
The rest of the afternoon is free. You can rest or you can continue exploring the stunning city of Fes!

Day 6: Middle Atlas Mountains Couscous Rolling

From this point, we start traveling eastward toward Ribat El Kheir, away from Fez. The route passes through verdant farmland, wildflower fields, and traditional Berber settlements. With the help of the neighborhood women’s association, we’ll arrange for the group to learn the age-old craft of rolling couscous while eating lunch together. Additionally, we’ll visit a traditional olive press driven by a donkey and sample some of the region’s olive oils.  Return to Fez in the afternoon for your last overnight.

Day 7: Depart

Following breakfast today, your driver will meet you and take you to the airport, or choose to explore the south. Write to us with your interests and we are here to assist in planning the perfect gateway for you!