Are you interested in learning about Khenifra? One could accomplish this in a million different ways. Khenifra has a lot of untapped potential for the growth of lodging projects and tourist activities thanks to its beautiful scenery, thriving culture, and friendly locals, especially in the areas of mountain, green, rural, and adventure tourism. The reddish mountains, blue lakes, and towering cedar forests make this area a popular tourist attraction for ecotourists. Built on the two banks of the Oum Errabia between the Middle Atlas central plateau (Fazaz) and the western half of the Middle Atlas, the city of Khenifra in central Morocco is known for its vibrant red color.


Khenifra’s Main Attractions

Ouiouane Lake
Lake Ouiouane is one of the tourist flags of the Middle Atlas, and it can be found in the small village of El Hammam, 68 kilometers from Khénifra. This lake, located at an elevation of 1600 meters, receives water from natural springs and a tiny river. Pike, perch, carp, and roach are just a few of the fish that thrive there. Its dense and austere beauty is still present today thanks to the Ouiouane Lake’s lush foliage in the winter and its spectacular atmosphere populated by cedars, firs, and holm oaks. A beautiful spot to take in some fresh air and relax with a fishing rod.

The sources of Oum Rabie
A look at the sources The Oum Rabie is widely regarded as one of the Middle Atlas region’s finest tourist destinations. It consists of several high-flow sources bubbling up from behind massive slabs of limestone. Throughout more than 300 meters, these springs can be found on both sides of the Oum Rabie River. The area is dominated by towering cliffs and a beautiful waterfall. Islands of genuine greenery, capable of drawing you in and filling your heart with life’s greatest pleasures. A parking lot and a cluster of huts stand ready to greet you.

Khenifra National Park
Khenifra National Park in Morocco is a favorite getaway for locals looking to disconnect from the bustling city. Lake Aguelmam Sidi Ali and Lake Aguelmame Aziza, two enormous green lakes, are the highlight of the park. The park protects 842 square kilometers of the middle Atlas Mountains, which are home to an abundance of wildlife and flora. Cedar forests and prickly scrub stretch across rugged cliff sides and limestone reliefs in this area, which is also home to several stunning lakes. Some areas of the park become a riot of color when spring wildflowers begin to blossom. Another allure of the park is the river that divides Khenifra and Ifrane, which features hot springs and a succession of waterfalls. Here you can hiking and relaxing in the wilderness. This famous park has it all!

Where to Dine?

Relax in the restaurant’s plush seating while ordering from a menu that includes Moroccan couscous, tomato and onion salad, grilled kebab with rice and pickles, and tagine cooked over an open fire, as well as other traditional dishes from the Berber Amazigh cuisine.

The Friends Café restaurant stands out from the crowd of eateries near the Ouzoud Falls because it serves authentic regional cuisine in addition to a wide variety of fresh seafood dishes, such as grilled fish, calamari with lemon and garlic, fried shrimp, and many others, while diners relax in plush seating and take in the breathtaking panorama of the soaring waterfalls.

What to Do?

Lake Aguelmame Azegza
Lake Aguelmame Azegza, also known as “the green lake” in Berber, is a beautiful natural landmark located approximately 30 kilometers from Khenifra, at an elevation of around 1500 meters. The lake’s location in the heart of Atlas Mountains cedar gives it a remarkable beauty, and it is bordered by limestone reliefs covered with a prominent forest of cedars and oaks. The lake is home to pike, perch, carp, and roach, and its clear waters are covered in aquatic vegetation. Ducks and hens of the water are among its aquatic birds. The ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts.

Lake Tiguelmamine
Located 40 kilometers from the Moroccan city of Khénifra at an elevation of 1630 meters above sea level is Lake Tiguelmamine, in the Middle Atlas Mountains. This natural pond is protected as a National Heritage Site because of its location in a large flat-bottomed depression that is lined by basalts and fine deposits. The site’s peace and cleanliness make it ideal for appreciating nature in its most pristine form, whether you’re there on your own or with others.

How to Get There?

Khenifra is served by Fes (FEZ) Airport, which is located 127.5 kilometers away. Rabat-Salé Airport (RBA) is 158.6 kilometers away, and Casablanca Airport (CMN) is 185.1 kilometers away. There are, however, more convenient ways to reach Khenifra.