Essaouira and the Coast

Essaouira is a city with a peaceful vibe. In contrast to the rest of medieval Essaouira Morocco, this area feels like the product of the hippie sixties. Hemingway, Hendrix, and countless more artists, musicians, and writers frequented this establishment. The Medina, a World Heritage Site, is, however, authentic Morocco at its finest. About ten golden kilometers of the Essaouira beach may be found to the south of the fishing harbor. On the oceanfront, you’ll find a select group of the world’s most opulent hotels and shops. The fortress of Essaouira, now in ruins, stands on an offshore sandbar. Windsurfers and kiteboarders flock to the area due to the consistent breeze that blows in from the Atlantic.

Essaouira and the coast,morocco

Essaouira Morocco’s Main Attractions

Visit the Medina and Skala Port Pamparts
The historic Medina in Essaouira Morocco was utilized as a scene in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, and once you’ve walked its walled ramparts, you’ll know why. The city of Essaouira is surrounded by stunning ramparts that provide it with a distinctly medieval air. They were constructed in the 1760s to transform this sleepy fishing village into a bustling royal port and economic hub. The city’s defenses against seaborne attackers are still visible today. You may even take in the panorama of the Atlantic Ocean from the seat of a centuries-old Portuguese canon.

Explore Fishing Port
Photographers will love this harbor. Taking pictures of the fisherman coming back from the sea each evening is one of the favorite things to do in Essaouira Morocco. In the early 20th century, Essaouira was the busiest fishing port in Morocco. The fisherman still unloads their daily catch and sells it to the townspeople at the port, which has maintained its original charm. It’s also the best time for the sly seagulls to fill their stomachs… Grilled fresh fish is available for purchase and consumption on the premises. The port is more than just a terrific place to eat fish; it’s also a beautiful site to watch the sun go down. If you want the best view of the sun setting behind the island of Mogador, you should make your way to the top of the jetty.

Museum of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah | Essaouira Morocco
This famous museum of history is well worth your time. It is housed in a home built in the nineteenth century and has the name of the city’s first benefactor. Stunning examples of the city’s past industries are on display, including ceramics, jewelry, musical instruments, woodwork, and weaving. The museum also has a wealth of information about the local Berber people. This museum may be found on Rue Laâlouj, a major thoroughfare in the heart of Essaouira.

Where to Dine?

Excellent fish and seafood may be found at Chez Sam, a restaurant and bar in Essaouira’s port. However, you probably won’t run into too many native Moroccans.

The authentic Moroccan cuisine served at Riad le Grande Large is far more popular than the best hotels accommodations. Live music is typical of the culture serving the food.

What to Do?

Sunday Open Air Market (Sunday Souk) You should not leave Morocco without experiencing a traditional souk. It’s not uncommon to become lost in the maze-like maze of stalls and shops that make up these markets. The greatest way to learn about Moroccan culture is by wandering through these outdoor marketplaces. While souks take place nearly every day in Essaouira’s market district, the one outside Bab Doukala on Sundays is legendary. You can find used goods, such as apparel, books, jewelry, appliances, and furniture, at this flea market. You can leave the ancient city at Bab Doukala and head in that direction. If you follow the horse-drawn carriages right past the gas station, you’ll come to a street lined with shops selling all sorts of wares. Beach fun on foot, horseback, camel, and four-wheeler Essaouira has a massive beach with a wide variety of activities to choose from. Spend the afternoon swimming and lounging at one of the many seaside cafes serving traditional Moroccan teas. You can even go on a horseback ride along the beach if you’re feeling more daring. For a small fee, you can take a ride on one of the many horses or camels that line the beach. Diabat is a little village located on the coast 3 kilometers from Essaouira, and it is home to a horse ranch. Horseback riding excursions of varying lengths and difficulty are available on the beach all year round for a reasonable price. Stop by the Jimmy Hendrix Sandcastle (Dar Sultan Castle) Proceed down the beach past the grazing camels and horses and the outcropping rock. A river that eventually empties into the sea can be found there. The legendary “Jimmy Hendrix sandcastle” can be reached by following the river to the left through the dunes. The “sand castle” you see before you is the palace of Dar Sultan. It was constructed outside of town, on the coast, and it features traditional European furnishings. Legend has it that Jimmy Hendrix spent an entire day there smoking and drinking before writing “Castle Made Of Sand”. The Gnaoua World Music Festival | Essaouira Morocco The Gnaoua Festival of World Music takes place every year in the final week of June in Essaouira and is a must-visit for any jazz or reggae fans. Music lovers from all around the world attend the four-day festival. The music festival is a celebration of Gnaoua music and art, which has its roots in Africa’s Sahel area. At various locations around town, including Place Moulay Hassan, Bab Doukkala, and Zaouia Gnaoua, the event features performances by skilled musicians from Essaouira, Tangier, and Marrakesh.

How to Get There?

Since there is no train station in Essaouira Morocco, most visitors opt to take a bus instead. The trip from Casablanca to Essaouira on the daily bus takes roughly 6 hours. Several bus companies depart from Marrakech and make the 2.5-hour trip. The Marrakech bus terminal is located at Bab Doukkala. An alternative option is a private transfer.

Essaouira is an enthralling vacation spot thanks to its remarkable combination of cultural attractions and pristine natural settings. You can spend your time seeing the medieval Medina and its ramparts or taking in the sights at the lively fishing harbor. The tranquil atmosphere and beautiful beach of this city make it a wonderful destination for rest and recreation. Essaouira has something to offer everyone, whether you’re interested in history, appreciate art, or are just looking for a relaxing vacation. Book your trip as soon as you can for this beautiful Moroccan port city!