Dakhla Sahara Desert

Dakhla has been called “the pearl of the Moroccan south”. Some have even referred to it as “the jewel of the Moroccan desert”. It is the city of desert sand and sea waves and the second pole of world diplomacy in the southern regions of the Kingdom of Morocco, as is generally agreed upon. Dakhla is one of Morocco’s most stunning desert settlements. Its many distinguishing features converged to create a destination sought after by travelers from all over the world. Dakhla was established as a city in the year 1884. It was the first fishing competition for the Spanish colonial government in the Sahara. It can be found on the same-named golf course. It sits 600 kilometers south of Laâyoune. In the last 15 years, this town has risen to prominence as a premier kitesurfing destination.


Dakhla’s Sahara Attractions

Mut village

Magical Mut, with a population of over 100,000 and a variety of services, is widely regarded as the largest and most significant hamlet in Dakhla. A date of 1500 B.C. has been established. As part of the Theban triad of the 18th dynasty, it takes its name from Mut, the sky goddess and great divine mother, wife of Amun, and mother of Khonsu. On the highest hill in the village, surrounded by winding alleys and mud brick walls, was her private haven. The “Mut El Kharab”, site in the southern portion of Mut town, is a very poorly maintained Roman settlement.

Al Qasr village
Twenty kilometers to the north of Mut is the village of Al Qasr, which is where some of the world’s most impressive ancient monuments may be located. The village’s winding alleyways are lined with traditional Islamic houses, many of which have intricately carved acacia wood doors bearing a variety of inscriptions. The Sheikh Nasr El Din Mosque in the heart of Al Qasr village has a 21-meter minaret that was built between 924 BC and the 11th and 12th centuries during the Ayyubid dynasty. Stone blocks containing hieroglyphics from the ancient Thoth temple were discovered near the Islamic fortification of AD Dachla, which was built in the 12th century by the Ayyubid kings on the remains of the Roman fort.

Al Muzawaka’s Necropolis
Located in northern Mut, close to the Deir El Hagar temple, is the beautifully ornamented Necropolis of Al Muzawaka, which was uncovered in the early 20th century thanks to an outstanding archaeological effort. The tombs of Petosiris and Petubastis, which date back to the 1st and 2nd centuries and are remarkably well preserved, are among the most well-known of the 300 rock tombs discovered; they depict incredible scenes of funerary processions, offerings to the deceased, and Egyptian deities watching the deceased on their way to the afterlife.

Dakhla’s oldest part
Dakhla’s large central square, Dakhla Peninsula Monument, is a great place to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Discovering Dakhla’s oldest neighborhood, close to the Monument, will add an exciting dimension to your trip. Although it may be difficult to locate, this destination is well worth the effort. It’s a whole different vibe than the rest of town. The surrounding homes are also of a more mature vintage. I have no doubt that there is much more to learn once you arrive.

Where to Dine?

Dakhla’s market
Dakhla, like the other major cities in Morocco, has its own souk. Although smaller than Marrakech’s, Dakhla’s souk is definitely worth a trip. Even souvenirs that are hard to come by in other Moroccan cities will be available here. The Melhfa is one of the many items available in this souk. Saharan ladies cover themselves with this airy fabric. Your next trip to the desert won’t be quite as stale if you bring this with you. Did you like trying some Sahrawi tea while you were in the Sahrawi Village? The Dakhla souk is where you can buy this tea in large quantities. Make some more at home to show off to your family and friends. Tea can be sweetened with acacia sap, which can also be found in the area. Other regional staples like El Aych, a type of cereal popular in this part of Morocco, will also be available.

Puerto Rico and Puertito Beaches | Dakhla Beach
Do you typically associate holidays with lounging around in the sun? Don’t miss Puerto Rico if you’re going to be in Dakhla. About sixty kilometers from Dakhla is a little, peaceful community with a beautiful beach. This beach, often known as “the king’s private beach”, has been off-limits to the general public for many years. Vacationers can now enjoy the pristine beach and refreshing swim that this natural wonder has always offered. The lengthy stretch of pristine beach that seems to go on forever and is broken only by a bluff made of stone makes for a lovely strolling path. Puerto, to the south, has beaches that rival those of Puerto Rico.

Asma’s thermal springs
The desert is about 35 kilometers from the city and is perfect for off-road enthusiasts. Asmaa’s hot springs are a thousand miles off the beaten path, deep in the desert. About 25 kilometers of sandy walking are required to reach this special spot. The route is surrounded by a barren desert landscape, making it impossible to predict what lies ahead. The arrival of a modest cottage and then a large group of tourists seemingly out of nowhere are sure signals that you are on the correct track. A strong current of water, perfect for swimming, may be found beyond the crowd. If you have had the pleasure of visiting other hot springs in Morocco, the sulfur scent that will fill your nose will not annoy you.

Driving over the desert with a 4×4
The desert offers excursion routes in plush 4x4s for individuals who prefer to journey there with relative ease. This makes desert travel less of a hassle. There will be some unexpected discoveries on this 4×4 trip in the desert. You won’t know where to look first! This extraordinary scenery or the bizarre creatures, have adapted to this dangerous place.

Lagoon catamaran ride
The Dakhla Lagoon has many attractions other than surfing. Sailors can enjoy themselves to their hearts’ content on this nautical route. Playing modern-day explorers is a lot of fun on a chartered or privately owned catamaran. Flamingos and other migratory bird species bask in the sun beside the sea, while dolphins, curves, and other fish provide a truly unforgettable underwater experience. Catamaran rides typically end at Dragon Island, where visitors have a one-of-a-kind panorama of the bay.

How to Get There?

Dakhla, located in southern Morocco, is easily reached by air and car. How to get to Dakhla is as follows:

The quickest way to get to Dakhla is by air. Casablanca and Agadir are only two of the cities in Morocco from which flights to Dakhla depart. If you’d rather drive, the journey to Dakhla may be long, but it’s worth it for the stunning views of the desert and the ocean along the way.

Dakhla is the “pearl of the Moroccan south”, and it attracts many people because of the way the desert and the ocean complement each other. Dakhla is home to a wide variety of tourist destinations, from old towns and archaeological sites to beautiful beaches and thrilling desert adventures. Dakhla is a hidden treasure in Morocco that offers something for everyone, whether it’s learning about the region’s rich history and culture, unwinding by the coast, or venturing deep into the desert for adventure.

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